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300 Acres in Belmopan ready to sell in subdivision

Price: $700,000 USD

Listed as: 300 Acres in Belmopan for sale
Listing ID: 597

Located: , Belmopan City, Cayo in the area.

About this Property:


This is 300 Acres of property available right behind the University of Belize, which makes for a perfect housing project as the property in this area will surely develop.

To give a break-down of the money that is potential to make is as follows:

If sell in 1 Acre parcel at $10,000 U.S per acre = 300 x $10,000 U.S = 3 Million U.S

However, 1 Acre parcels sell for more than $10,000 U.S per acre as lots normally sell for $10,000 U.S per acre.

If subdivided into lots (1 lots is 1/8 of an Acre approximately 500 square meters), you will get 8 lots in 1 acre

1 Lot at $10,000 U.S per acre = $80,000 U.S for 8 lots (1 Acre)

You will have 300 acres X $80,000 U.S = 24 Million U.S

One is able to turn $600,000 U.S into $24 Million U.S and this property is across the street from the University of Belize which is surely going to be a new developing area. Also normally lots sell for a little more than $10,000 U.S. There have been 2 housing projects in Belmopan and they are successful.

Once develop Buy-Belize can also help sell the plots for the new owner(s). 


Status: Active
Floors: 0

Listed by: Eneyda Perera | Contact Agent
Phone: 501-222-4190
Mobile: 501-615-7210

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