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3 Bedroom Home in Toledo

Price: $120,000 USD

Listed as: 3 Bedroom Home in Toledo
Listing ID: 506

Located: , , Toledo in the area.

About this Property:

This is a beautiful modern 3-bedroom, 2 Reception Rooms and 1 Bathroom American Style home located in Punta Gorda. The house is located on 2/3 acre. It is constructed of concrete, mahogany and emery wood and furnished with wicker and local mahogany furniture.  Completing the comfort are air-conditioner, hot water heater for bath/shower and kitchen, a 23 Cubic Foot Amana stainless steel refrigerator, new six burner gas range, Maytag washing machine and built-in closets.

The lower part of the house is all reinforced concrete and may be used for a large garage, or for adding extra rooms to the house. This would be the perfect place for a “tourist oriented” restaurant or gift shop, or maybe just a rest stop with cool drinks!

Or keep it for yourself and enjoy the peace.  Cable for television, satellite dishes, and internet – all are available here in the village.

The house is located 18 miles from the main town of Punta Gorda  It is just about 35 minutes walk  to the Lubaantun Mayan ruins, and about 30 minutes to the Blue Creek falls, as well as other falls and many caves.  True jungle treks that require a guide, rivers and the Caribbean Sea all round out the surroundings.  That is a Breadfruit tree on the left and behind the house are coffee, mango, banana and lime trees!  On the mango tree is a very large orchid plant.  Gardeners will love our climate and soil where all tropical plants grow – including orchids, pineapples, bananas, orange and cashew trees!




During mango season everyone offers mango to their guests and all insist “theirs” are the best of the 40 some different varieties. This is a wonderful season for children as the mangos hang from every tree just for the picking!


Where you might share books, material for dresses, or $1 flip-flops, the mayans  will share their knowledge of basket weaving, cooking on the kamal and their traditions such as making breadfruit chips from your own trees.  These are skills that have been with them since their forefathers first settled right here in Belize - perhaps in Lubantuun!


There are other nationalities (including American) that have come and love this life after highways, noise, and terrorist’s high level alerts. They come to get away from the crime and not feeling safe - where everyone is in a hurry.  Every year we see more and more conveniences of life, more people working out of their homes, more libraries and restaurants, but the truth is, if you are in a hurry, this is not the place for you. They call it “Belizean Time” and it works. The pace is maybe half of modern countries, if that!


Tropic and Maya Airlines make a beautiful one hour trip down the coast from Belize City several times each day.  During the flight you’ll fly over numerous shrimp farms, orange & banana orchards, lagoons, and islands (called cayes—pronounced keys) and stop in Dangriga and Placencia.  You will see for yourself the many rivers curving like snakes thru the vastness of the dark jungle – suddenly you are in the real Belize.


Belize has over 200 species of feathered friends for our bird lovers along with many organized clubs.  Anything having to do with nature you can be sure to find here!

Knowledge about  Maya Ruins

Lubaantun(lou-ban-tune), or “Place of the Fallen Rocks” was a major trade center of the Mayans from 200 AD to 600 AD.  The nearby Colombia River was their gateway to the sea.

Partially restored, this is where the “fabled crystal skull” was discovered in 1926 by Anna Mitchell-Hodges on her 17th birthday.  The skull now resides in a Canadian museum. 

The buildings are of limestone, hand cut (no steel tools) and assembled without mortar.  The site has 11 large pyramid structures built around 5 main plazas and 3 ball courts.  The tallest pyramid is over 45 feet high with thirteen smaller plazas and a number of smaller structures.  The large stadium has sideline seating, much like a modern day football field.  The site has not been totally excavated. 

The Mayan did not use the wheel except in children’s toys, so one has to wonder how they transported these heavy blocks of limestone through the jungle from the nearest quarry many miles away? 

Nim Li Punitor “Big Hat” is another Mayan site located 25 miles from P.G. (Punta Gorda) and has over 25 carved stone stelae.  One of the many buildings is only 9 feet high and 215 feet long! 

If you are interested in Mayan ruins, a large group may be found throughout Belize, Guatemala, and up the coast of the Yucatan in Mexico - all are remains of this vast civilization. Many have never been excavated, especially here in the Toledo area.

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Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 1
Status: Active
Floors: 1

Listed by: Eneyda Perera | Contact Agent
Phone: 501-222-4190
Mobile: 501-615-7210

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