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173ft of Seafront Property in Sarteneja Village Corozal for Sale

Price: $65,000 USD

Listed as: 1.88 Acres of Seafront Property in Sarteneja
Listing ID: 1400

Located: , Sarteneja, Corozal in the area.

About this Property:

1.88 Acres Seafront property in the Calle Vagre in Sarteneja Village.  

This property consists of 1.88 Acres of land. This property is of irregular shape and has 173 ft of seafront and goes 666 ft in depth. Behind this property is a 40 ft road reserve coming from Sarteneja Village. This property has 83ft of that road reserve frontage and would only be about 1.8 Miles away from Sarteneja Village once the road is developed.  Currently the property is only accessible by boat and would be only a 10-15 minute boat ride from Sarteneja Village to the property.   

This specific property is a corner lot and has a 40ft reserve that leads to the Caribbean sea, which means the property has over 747 ft of road frontage.

The property is in its original jungle state in which the owner cleared the seafront exposing the seafront, though they left some of the Mangrove for added protection and beauty. The land is higher in the front than in the back and would require some filling. The property has sea grapes and a few coconut trees planted along the front of the seafront. From this property one can see the skyline of Corozal Town and Chetumal City in Mexico. By boat the property would only be a 30-40 minute ride to Chetumal City, Mexico.  Right off the property one can fish and would catch large barracuda, snapper and many other fishes.

Appointment viewing only and boat access only. 


Status: Active
Water Frontage: 173ft
Road Frontage: 747ft
Lot Size: 1.88 Acres

Home Features
  • Waterfront

Listed by: Ricky Perera |
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